Monday, 16 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 7

At 0900 UTC our position was 22.49.61N, 26.43.34W.

Here we are still bobbing around the Atlantic at the start of Day 7. We have had the spinnaker flying for the last three days continuously. There is very little to report other than we are all still happy and healthy. The dolphins have taken a respite from visiting us for the last 24 hours, but we had one curious seabird pay attention to us. It flew through our cockpit and around the boat a few times. We figured it was looking for a resting post but I don't believe it ever landed. Unbelievable to be hundreds of miles off shore and here is this lone little bird flying around out here.

We are still waiting to catch the big one. We have caught four little tunas, which we have all released to live another day. We are still holding out hope we can enjoy some fresh sushi on board soon!!!

Life is fairly simple on board. We take our turns at watches, including Ella (Iris attempted once and her limited attention span lasted a whole 25 minutes), sleep, read, make meals, watch the stars, see the sun and moon rise and set. Life is good.

We are enjoying gentle seas and breezes. It is not a quick crossing so far, but we are happy to have the calm conditions while they last.

The Maple Crew


  1. Hi Maple crew. I am enjoying your blogs very much - keep them coming!! Also thanks to Jeff Kozoris for the Google map. I know it is pretty routine for you, but can you include more of the "technical" stuff? Like how many knots & dir of wind? How many NM per day and ave speed? What are the waypoints you've set?
    On a different topic, why don't you think the solar panels will keep your batteries charged? Is it using autohelm 24X7? Are you using a poled out "proper" spi or a gennaker? Best wishes to all the 6 crew!

  2. Happy Happy, New Year and so happy to read how well you are doing. Think of you often with thoughts for lots of fun, laughter, health and adventure. Take care
    Marianne Povey

    1. Thanks Marianne, we often speak fondly to friends about our realtor and friend in North Van.