Saturday, 28 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 19

At 2200 UTC on Jan 28, 2017 our position was 14.53.31N, 52.21.39W.

We are now 450 miles from our destination and starting to look forward to our arrival!

After 19 days, we were overdue for some high winds and big, confused seas. So they arrived with vengeance today. As Sandra said, this is fine as long as it only lasts a day. So we have put that request in. The main sail made its first appearance after a long rest today and we made good speed all day but in uncomfortable seas. Tonight, the seas have sorted themselves out and we are back enjoying following seas with the head and main sails trimmed wing on wing as best we can manage on a catamaran. Wing on wing is a first for us on Maple thanks to Jeff guiding us through the set up. Now we will all need to be on our toes tonight during our watches to keep the balance right. (And yes, we do have a preventer on the boom for those who know what that means.)

Our latest casualty on board is our external hard drive that did not like being dropped and as such we have lost all our movies and music. Oh well, perhaps it will mean Iris will have to find other things to do. Shockingly Ella and Iris had their best day of playing together for the first time in 6 years they have known each other. Now let's see how long that lasts, I am not holding my breath.

Everyone is still doing well on board! The fresh food is quickly dwindling, we have already had to break out the canned fruit. We have all done an amazing job with meals, loads of variety. Although I am sure Jeff and Sandra are looking forward to a meal that doesn't involve hearing us nag Iris to finish her dinner. She is a master negotiator that one.

Love to all from,

Janet for
The Maple Crew


  1. Hi Maple crew again. I love all the blogs, so please keep up wen you can. A few questions for you... Why no main? Is the wind dead astern so its difficult to use? I had thought maybe you would have 135 deg sail angle allowing broad reaching. What are the details on your spi? Is it a cruising asymetric, or have you rigged a spi pole?

    How are you getting internet access? Is it from your SSB radio, or are you using an Iridium phone? Similar question, how are you getting your weather forecasts?
    It sounds like you are having 10 - 15 knot winds in the main, is that right? One - 2 metre swells? You mention tempr at one stage (I cannot believe you don't have a thermometer aboard - I have 3 and am buying another one!) How has the weather been since leaving Canaries - shorts and tee shirts or need track suits and warm jackets?

    G is still in PHP trying to sort out Seaman's Book (still!) but I have come back to Marmaris now. It is freezing cold here now (was 1 deg in the salon when I got up yesterday morning). At least its enabling me to get a few small jobs done.

    Best wishes to you all.

  2. Hey Phil, you do want technical details don't you? Ok here it goes, technical details condensed (maybe I'll do a separate blog post on this...). Our speed - I think we averaged about 5.5 knots all the way (not real fast, but we had light winds most of the way - it has been an atypical year for the crossing). We did not use the main because we chose to head SW towards 20N40W, then west to Barbados. We did this because there was a giant calm patch in the middle of the Atlantic around 20N50W. We skirted the edge and had a lot of 15 knot true wind days which resulted in about 9 knots apparent downwind...perfect for the spinnaker. The spinnaker is a symmetrical, we fly it with the clew and tack from blocks on each hull...I can provide some more details on running rigging via email if you want. Bought it from a guy in Turkey who did good work, but is slower to deliver than advertised... Internet is not accessible. We can receive and send emails via SSB, and blogger lets us post by including a blogger email address... Weather forecasts are courtesy of saildocs (google it as anyone can subscribe for regular emails) and a friend who is sending regular info to us. Winds were 15-20 knots true normally, with waves around 1.5-2M. This is lighter than normal according to pilot charts. I was expecting 20-25 knots... As for temps, leaving the canaries we were in fouls for the night passage (it was cold - like 10-15 celcius) but by the time we turned west (around 20N) it was warm...water was good and air was better. Hope you can get further than Greece this year. We will see you in the Carib this time in 2018? Jeff and Sandra are planning their crossing now...depending on family commitments it will be November or Jan...