Friday, 13 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 4

At 1100 UTC our position was 24.53.33N, 20.05.97W.

Hi all,

Here we are once again sailing under spinnaker under beautiful sun and blue sky. After all the cloud the first three days it is great to see sun again. Yesterday was another great day for all of the Maple crew. We are in a great watch routine of two hour rotation and everyone is pitching in with meals. Sadly we have not caught a fish yet so working through our mountain of provisions.

Jeff and Sandra celebrated their 37th anniversary! No doubt 37 years ago they didn't picture themselves on a boat with a bunch of Canadians crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately our cabins are not luxury, so they were roughing it here on Maple. However, we did manage to arrange for a sunset visit from a huge pod of dolphins to help them celebrate!

Our tow generator has been given a second lease on life thanks to some improvising by the captain. It is working so far and helping keep our batteries charged without having to run our engines.

We saw one other sailboat on the horizon but didn't get closer than 5 miles from each other. Last night, I passed a big fishing vessel way out here by less than a half a mile. And that is about the extent of the excitement for us! We are slowly making progress to our first waypoint before we make the turn west with the trade winds.

Thanks again for the well wishes.

The Maple Crew


  1. Awesome, great work guys. Excited for you to be on this side of the Atlantic!

    1. Thanks Robin...a couple of years in the Carib and then we'll head on thru to the Pacific - we think (plans are written in sand at low tide...) Where are you and Fiona these days?