Monday, 30 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 21

At 1600 UTC on Jan 30, 2017 our position was 14.46.40N, 57.12.51W.

At 1200 UTC today (Jan 30), we officially completed Day 20 of our Atlantic crossing with just 192 miles to go to reach the north of Barbados! The sight of land is tantalizingly close!!!

We are having one of our best days of sailing today, only had to wait 20 days. We have a full headsail and one reef in the main and are sailing at a beautiful angle with seas that are being relatively kind to us. Maple is loving the ride and handling it all so beautifully after this long journey.

This morning, we discovered our hard working tow generator had lost one propeller blade and the other was broken. I think the plastic blades after 20 days and the big seas we were surfing down the last two days had reached its breaking point, so to speak. Fortunately it came with two spare blades so she is happily back in the water keeping our batteries topped up beautifully in compliment with our solar panels. The only downside is this generator is no longer made so spare parts are no longer available for purchase. So we will have to find an alternative to getting new backup blades made for us. No doubt that will be an adventure in itself when it comes to sourcing boat parts with no fixed address.

The Maple Crew are all doing well!! We have enjoyed the journey but also looking forward to the destination. Perhaps our next update I can say "Land Ho"!!!!

Love to all from,

Janet for
The Maple Crew

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