In going from zero sailing experience to sailing into the sunset as a family, we had lots of work to do to get ready.  On this page I'll list some of the web resources we used, local sources of knowledge and books we referred to.  I may even include some material that simply nourished the dream rather than building knowledge.

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The links to blogs and other sites posted here earn us nothing.  Either way we think you should visit/read/absorb it all if you're even thinking about doing this, or something like it.


Love them or hate them (I love them btw) this family has figured   out that there's more to life than the latest iPhone.  They started on a catamaran with no experience, circled the globe then moved into a VW Van, had a child and moved back onto a boat where they had a second child.  Now they’re travelling the Americas in a vintage motorhome.

If you want an opinion, you'll get one from the group on this forum.  Not for the thin- skinned and you'll have to wade through ill formed arguments, troll posts and flame wars, but there are still some nuggets to be found.

The ongoing saga of a family sailing from Seattle to wherever they end up.  They've been out for years and are one of the few sailing with teens.

Excellent resource for technical information about cruising with teenagers long term.  In 2014, Ocelot finished a major refit in Thailand and is once again on the move.

A western Canadian yachting association dedicated to helping sailors who plan to cross oceans, have crossed oceans or are crossing oceans.  A great group to be a part of and an excellent resource.


  1. Do add these to your library, all free: , the mariners weather handbook , surviving the storm (heavy weather sailing)

    1. Rob - thanks for the mention. I have both in my electronic library but failed to include them here (along with a ton of other source material). I will work to get an updated list as soon as I can.