Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 22 - LAST DAY!

At 1230 UTC on Jan 31, 2017 our position was 13.50.84N, 58.58.99W.

Land has been spotted!!!! Jeff and Sandra were the first to spot land this morning around 1100 UTC. We are now less than 50 miles to the north end of Barbados! We raised the spinnaker again for the first time in a few days to try to gain a couple of knots of speed in hope we can arrive at the customs dock by 1700 local time (2100 UTC) before they close. It will be tight but hopefully we can pull it off.

We will be in touch when we have arrived!

Love to all from,

Janet for
The Maple Crew


  1. Yay! My heart swelled when I read this. What an accomplishment. I can't imagine it--just glad you could. Congrats to all the Maple crew. -Rhea

  2. Thanks. It all seems a little surreal. Loving the caribbean, it's like a second summer. We're thrilled to be here but trying not to spend too much. :) Things can be expensive in Barbados...