Sunday, 15 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 5

At 0900 UTC our position was 24.18.09N, 21.54.54W.

We have been enjoying calm, following seas and light winds. We have been flying the spinnaker for the last 24 hours, our longest run with it since we bought it. We had originally planned to not fly the spinnaker overnight, but with a very bright moon to keep it as bright as dusk and only light winds forecasted, we decided to take a chance. It worked out beautifully as we maintained 5 to 6 knots of boat speed overnight.

Yesterday morning when fighting to hoist a very twisted spinnaker, we had some curious dolphins come to laugh at us. They didn't stick around long when we didn't pay them attention while we were cursing the sail. However, later in the day we were visited by a mega pod of dolphins, nearly as far as you could see on either side of us were dolphins swimming. We even had a couple show-offs do some big jumps for us. Never tire of their company. I also saw two Portuguese Man-o-War jelly fish gracefully sail past beside us. That is the extent of the visitors. We have not seen any sign of other boats for over 24 hours, not since the fishing vessel.

The crew are all doing well!! The girls have adjusted beautifully to life at sea, are in very good spirits. Of course as usual they chat Sandra's ear off any second she is willing to listen. Perhaps now that we are in a rhythm on board we should start back up with doubt the seasickness will return at that point with full vengeance. :)

Much love to all of our family and friends!

The Maple Crew

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