Thursday, 12 January 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 3

At 0900 UTC our position was 26.12.21N, 18.14.11W.

Another largely uneventful day passed on Maple and we've begun day 3 of our journey. The casualties so far include some significant wear on our tow generator which may mean we lose the use of it for the remainder of the crossing - not ideal but manageable. We think the solution is at hand but requires a welder which we neglected to pack.

We had a glorious full moon for our watches last night. Still no fish on the line, in spite of a couple of nibbles. Spirits remain high, even in the absence of spirits. The weather is still reasonable with winds from the Northeast allowing us to use our spinnaker to run downwind in daylight hours. WE know that the weather won't always be kind so are taking advantage while we can.

The crew of Maple

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