Sunday, 10 May 2015

To the Mothers in my life...

Mother's Day Cupcakes (4592972238)

It's Mother's Day, an important day to many of the key women in my life.

First - my wife - mother of my children.  Thank you for supporting me in my darkest times and sharing in the exciting times.  We have many years and a brilliant future in front of us.  I love that you're up for the ride!

Next - my mother.  You never doubted our plans or desires, even when it obviously means changes to your life too.  Thanks for being my mom and supporting us in this.  Without the team we have behind us we could not succeed.  My mom deserves a special mention for taking on the effort managing our mail while we're away - a job which could be more involved than it might appear.

Finally - my mother in law.  Not last, and certainly not least.  You have been supportive and strong as we've moved forward in this.  We will miss the easy access to drop by and chat, and the girls will miss afternoons in the pool but we know that you will visit as we will.

The rest of our support team (friends and family, Pyrats yargh) has many mothers in it.  Your support now and in the past has been so incredibly important to us.

To all of the mothers out there, nurturing the dreams and futures of their children - keep up the hard work.  It does pay off.  And kids - whether you're 6 or 60, don't be afraid to live your dreams.  That's what your mother's would want and no matter what might happen they will stand with you.

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