Sunday, 24 May 2015

Inspiration - Life #2

This quote makes me smile, it fills me with excitement as I look ahead to life #2. I don't know if I started that life when we made the decision to take our family and explore the world, or if it will start once we actually take our first steps away.  I suppose it doesn't matter because either way I'm doing what I wanted - I'm living intentionally, examining why I make the choices I make and trying to do things with intention, rather than by rote.

The interesting thing is, just because we have chosen this path in our lives, doesn't mean it is for everyone and doesn't mean that others are not really living.  It doesn't have to be a question of right and wrong.  Our choice does not reflect negatively on the choices of others because we all have the ability and right to choose the path we take for our own reasons - the ones that meet our needs.

I am inspired by all of those I know who are living with intention.  Those who are deliberate in framing their lives by choosing the lifestyle, climate, companions, vocation, hobbies, religion or philosophy that gives them peace.  All of these people blow my mind and are an inspiration.  I'm in awe of the strength that they have had to follow their hearts in spite of the bruises they might suffer.

I suppose some day I should tell them...and thank them.

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