Sunday, 14 June 2015

We are not alone...

A small sample of those who are coming with us...

Turns out that our travels are not just about us. Yes - we are the ones that are giving up our current lives, belongings and routines, clearing away the accumulated cobwebs and debris of 15 years.  But we are not alone.

We have friends who have supported us with their kind words & well wishes, loaned their vehicles, air mattresses, storage space.  Still more friends who opened their home to us, giving us a place to call home - our first and very memorable stop in our tour.

Off to an MLS soccer match the day
we moved in with friends.  Thanks Pete!
We have family who have drawn closer in the last few months, shared their dreams, embraced ours and made it OK for us to say farewell.  Not goodbye but so long - until next time.

We have parents who have volunteered to adopt pets, manage mail, obtain insurance, offer rides, visit often and always support the rightness of our choices for us.

We have co-workers who - in spite of staring heaps of unfinished business in the face can only offer words of encouragement, support, strength and wisdom.

We have mentors who keep in touch, feeding our dreams with stories of theirs, good times, bad times and long held memories of their adventures.

We have bare acquaintances who go out of their way to offer advice, encouragement and words of wisdom.

Yes indeed - it turns out that this is not just about us.  When you dream big and follow through the people around you react in surprising ways.

We have enjoyed, in the last several months more community than we ever did before we embarked on this adventure.  Perhaps it is we who have changed, become more open to the generosity of those around us, those who would be our community.  This is probably at least partially true but whatever the reason, we continue to be amazed, strengthened and encouraged by the community we are a part of and we will take this community with us in our hearts while we travel.

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  1. Darry, Janet, Ella & Iris... on this 5th day of July 2015 we send you our best wishes and God's Blessings as you begin the adventure of a lifetime sailing the oceans of the world... we wish you Fair Winds, Following Seas and many wonderful adventures... The Captain & Gilligan (Bob & Donna)