Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Plan

In looking back at the few posts I've made I realize I haven't actually explained the big decision, our plan B.  So in this post I'm hoping to do just what it says, give an overview of the plan.

What is Plan B?  As noted in my post "Big Decision" the plan is to take a bit of a flyer, walk away from "normal" lives and go sailing.

We're not the first to do this, and probably not going to be the last.  Heck, we're not even the first to do it with kids, or minimal sailing experience.  Thing is, it's not about being first, it's about being deliberate, taking a long look at the path we're on, deciding that we don't really like where it's going and having the courage to change direction - even when we don't know where the new path will lead.

Disaster is a possibility, but so is living life as a closer family, living closer to the big blue marble we all live on, and loving every minute of it.

It's kind of funny, cause the only thing that scares me more than going is not going.  Time to be courageous...

So the plan as we outlined it to ourselves was supposed to take 2 years.  In that time we needed to:

  • Learn to sail
  • Learn about diesel engines (there's less to this than you'd think)
  • Learn about radios (there's more to this than you'd think)
  • Learn about weather
  • Get some sailing experience
  • Sell our home
  • Sell almost all of our stuff
  • Save a lot of money
  • Buy a boat

How are we doing?  Well, we've crossed off most of those items and are on track to head off for at least a year which is the length of my leave of absence from work, and very possibly longer.

The planned departure is this coming July.  Over the next several weeks I'll try to lay out how far we've come, some of the things we've learned and what happens next.  If you continue following along, eventually you'll get to see what a nomadic life looks like - for this family at least.

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